Rep. Gonzales: Texas Shooting ‘the 4th of 5th This Year that Could Have Been’ Prevented via Gun Control

‘—If not prevented, certainly the damage would have diminished greatly if we had just made small changes to our gun laws’

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MOHYELDIN: "Also joining us now from Texas, congressman Vicente Gonzalez. Representative Gonzalez, thank you very much for joining us. If you can, bring us up to speed on what you've been informed through your official channels as a representative."
GONZALEZ: "Well, first of all, I would like to say that our hearts and prayers go out to the good people of Sutherland springs and Wilson County. It's definitely a tragedy in our community, and it's not something that we would have ever expected in that particular area or some place that people are paranoid in. We've got reports that 24 people are now deceased from this incident, and 20 people are injured. We won't have final numbers until probably a few more hours. We have communicated with the county officials. Apparently the shooter was not from the area. He was from outside of that area. I, as a person speaking prior, I don't suspect this being terrorism. I think this is some type of other incident having to do with the church or the community. We're very concerned -- I'm certainly concerned of all the publicity these incidents get across the country, and hopefully they don't incite other violence, just from, you know, the massive publicity that this little town, rural town in Texas received. It tells you that it's happening regularly, and it's happening across the country, and I think we need to analyze this in Congress and see what we need to do. Since I arrived at Congress this year, I've been talking about limiting magazine capacity in guns, and this is just another incident. It's probably the fourth of fifth this year that could have been -- if not prevented, certainly the damage would have diminished greatly if we had just made small changes to our gun laws that we have right now."

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