Ed Henry: Donna Brazile Was Involved in Collusion When She Was at CNN and Tried to Help Hillary

‘Donna Brazile, basically she is selling the heck out of this book’


HENRY: "Abby, you are absolutely right. She was involved in collusion when she was at CNN and tried to help Hillary Clinton. Then she comes out with this book excerpt in politico magazine. Makes it clear when she took over the party at the end of the summer of 2016 from Debbie Wasserman Schultz she got the keys to the castle and found all kinds of problems that the DNC had tilted against Sanders. Bottom line she is now in the last 24 hours Donna Brazile because of the president’s tweets back pedaling said I never collusion. It’s in your book. You wrote it yourself. I regret in 42, I couldn’t come up with collusion Brooklyn dodgers. Have you the president tweeting about it you got us talking about it. Donna Brazile is basically, she is selling the heck out of this book. You are right, she was involved in collusion when she was at CNN."

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