McAuliffe: ‘Regrettable that Donna Thought This Was the Time to Come out with This’

‘I wish all of these folks who were talking about this would focus — we have a big election on Tuesday’

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TODD: "You're a former DNC and close to the Clintons. I know where you stand. A big Clinton supporters. Allegation Donna Brazile made that the DNC basically was in the tank in some form or another and we can discuss how much for Hillary Clinton throughout the primary season. Fair charge?"
MCAULIFFE: "I don't know the specifics of the actual agreement. It's regrettable that Donna thought this was the time to come out with this complaint. God love the Democratic Party. But we need --"
TODD: "Pretty bad timing for Tuesday."
MCAULIFFE: "Very bad timing. And just regrettable. I wish all of these folks who were talking about this would focus -- we have a big election on Tuesday. This will be a repudiation of Trump. A continuation of great Progressive policies. Look where we are in Virginia today. We had a big primary, Tom Perriello, campaigned his heart out, we are unified in Virginia and the Democrats, they love to have the circular firing squad. Let's focus on winning elections and helping people."
TODD: "Do you have confidence in Tom Perez as DNC chair?"
MCAULIFFE: "I do. Tom is put $1.5 million in our race. We have to win this back. Do you think any of this internal squabble will help one family get health care or a job? Knock it off. You want to say something, come in, help us. Get out the vote in Virginia. This is the biggest race in the country."

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