Mark Halperin on 2016: Hillary Is ‘Far and Away the Class of the Field’

‘She’s a better person, a better politician, a better candidate, and a better leader than she’s shown this year’

Mark Halperin on 2016: Hillary is 'Far and Away the Class of the Field' (NewsBusters)

Appearing on Tuesday’s edition of PBS’s Charlie Rose show Game Change co-author Mark Halperin said Hillary Clinton’s poor performance during her recent book tour was nothing to worry about because “She’s still so far and away the class of the field.”

His writing partner John Heilemann agreed and added: “If you think about Hillary Clinton’s story over her life, there’s a lot of material there to work with. She has a compelling story to tell. She’s not yet told it.” Not yet told it? How many memoirs does Heilemann think Clinton needs to tell her “compelling story?”

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