Ryan: ‘Two Guys Getting Indicted for Something They Did Before the Campaign Is Not Going to Derail Tax Reform’

‘Let Bob Mueller do his job and let the professionals do their job’


RYAN: “I don't think I do that. First of all, the question was does this derail tax reform. I said, 'No, of course it doesn't.' Two guys getting indicted for something they did before the presidential campaign started is not going to derail tax reform. By the way, it’s our job to multitask, as I just answered your previous question. Let’s just put it the other way around. Two guys get indicted and then Congress is going to stop trying to cut people’s taxes, trying to get middle class tax relief, trying to reform our tax code so we stop sending jobs overseas? That would be ridiculous. My answer to that question is, we need to focus on all of these things. We have an active Russia investigation going on right now. We are paying attention to these things. And I have since come up to speed on these indictments because I think I needed to do that. But at the same time, I’m not going to stop everything else we are doing to fix the country’s problems. That’s the point I’m trying to make.”

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