Campos-Duffy: JFK Was the ‘Harvey Weinstein of American Politics’

‘He was the Harvey Weinstein of American politics in my opinion and in many other’s opinion’


CAMPOS-DUFFY: "First of all, let me just make clear these are statues in the Confederate case, these are statues of Democrats erected by Democrats. If the Progressives want to tear them down, have at it. But I do agree with General Kelly that this really demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of history. Donald Trump warned about it this summer, that this was a slippery slope. Where does it end? We're now seeing in the case of George Washington that a plaque marking where he prayed in his church is being removed because it’s offensive. We just had Columbus Day, Sandra, and my kids’ school, Columbus is talked about as a villain or not at all. Where does it end? I look, for example, at President John F. Kennedy. He was the Harvey Weinstein of American politics, in my opinion, and in many other’s opinion and many new historical things that are coming out about his past. Should we rename the Kennedy Center?"

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