McEnany: Trump-Russia Collusion Theory an Effort by the DNC to ‘Thwart’ the Will of American People

‘This has always been a conspiracy theory’


McENANY: "Right. This has always been a conspiracy theory, this idea of Russian collusion and today proved that. In addition to the Special Counsel investigation, which by the way, as you mentioned the indictment, the 31 pages never mentions Trump or the campaign or the White House. It's solely the individual business ties of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. In addition to that, we’ve had nine months of congressional investigation, 100,000 pages of documents, 4,000 pages of transcripts, interviews with the Obama Administration and with people on the Trump campaign, it has turned up nothing. There is nothing to this baseless theory. It's an effort of the DNC, my counterpart there, to thwart the will of the American people and level false charges of Russian collusion where there are none."

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