Fitton: Obama Had It in for Trump So There Are Questions Whether He Knew About Payment for Trump Dossier

‘Either way, the questions need to be answered’


DOOCY: "Well it's the newest question regarding that dossier on Trump. What did former President Barack Obama know? Well in new report finds that his campaign organization, OFA, Obama for America, paid nearly $1 million to that same law firm that funneled the money to Fusion GPS, the farm behind the dossier. Here to discuss the president of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton joins us from our nation’s capital. Tom, good morning to you." 
FITTON: "Good morning, Steve." 
DOOCY: "OK. So since -- let's see since April of 2016, OFA, Obama for America, paid paid $972,000 to Perkins Coie, the same outfit that was giving the money to Fusion GPS. What do you think that’s about?" 
FITTON: "Well, that’s the question we want answered. The money, including a $700,000 chunk went over there around the time Fusion GPS began working for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee to find dirt on President Trump, or President-elect Trump, or candidate Trump by traveling to Russia and colluding with the Russians." 
DOOCY: "Mm-hmm." 
FITTON: "You know, President Obama had it in for President Trump then at the time the candidate. He campaigned so close — so much for president — well, Hillary Clinton, that it hadn’t been done like that in 100 years. And, look, then you had the dossier being used by the Obama FBI, the Obama Justice Department. Maybe the Obama CIA to target team Trump. So you got questions whether Obama the politician knew as a result of his running the DNC and his White House political organization and these payments and, of course, what Obama the president knew. Either way, the questions need to be answered." 

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