Susan Collins: ‘I Have Not Yet Seen Any Definitive Evidence’ of Trump-Russia Collusion

‘I have seen lots of evidence that the Russians were very active in trying to influence the election’

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DICKERSON: We turn now to another Republican, Maine’s Susan Collins. She sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, one of the congressional committees investigating Russian attempts to influence our elections.

Senator, given that experience and the interviews and work you have done on that committee, what — how do you process this news about sealed indictments from the special counsel?

SEN. SUSAN COLLINS (R), MAINE: Well, from the very beginning, this investigation has gone along two tracks.

One is the independent counsel’s investigation to see if there is criminal wrongdoing. And it looks like we’re going to find out as early as tomorrow about some indictments in that area.

The other has been the Intelligence Committee’s evaluation of the extent of Russian meddling in the last election and to try to, along with the independent counsel, answer the question of whether or not there was any collusion between members of President Trump’s campaign team and the Russians.

We are having a very interesting hearing this week looking at the Russians’ use of social media to influence the elections and sow the seeds of dissension in our country.

DICKERSON: Any sign of collusion after all these interviews, all this time?

COLLINS: I have not yet seen any definitive evidence of collusion. I have seen lots of evidence that the Russians were very active in trying to influence the election.

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