Dan Bongino: Jeff Flake ‘Betrayed the Conservative Cause’

‘Conservatives can’t sleep at night either with swamp creatures like Jeff Flake in D.C. pretending to be conservatives’


BONGINO: "Yeah, conservatives can’t sleep at night either with swamp creatures like Jeff flake in D.C. Pretending to be conservatives. There is no love lost here for Jeff flake in Iran within in the same Senate cycle. What bothers me particularly here. On a very serious note, when Iran and the number of their conservatives ran, Ted Cruz and flake in others, they took money. They took time from volunteers out there as well to represent the conservative cause here that’s a big deal to me. I didn’t win. Jeff flake did. But they did not: Represent the conservative cause. They betrayed the conservative cause. But he joined a gang of a in a state where immigration is just destroying illegal immigration is destroying certain portions of the state. He betrayed those he betrayed the spokesman Jeff flake is not showing courage by leaving office at the negative 462% approval rating in Arizona."

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