Conway: Trump’s Not Talking About Criminalizing Opioid Addicts; He’s Talking About Helping Them

‘For those who are in treatment and need assisted treatment, they need in-facility treatment, those people will have the help they need’


CONWAY: "He’s not talking about criminalizing anyone who needs treatment or recovery. First of all prevention and education, don’t start in the first place. But you have kids today, Eric Trump was told by his dad many years ago, don’t drink and don’t take drugs. Now some of the parents are saying don’t drink the chocolate milk and don’t eat the French fries. Let’s get back to telling these kids don’t ingest poison. These kids are on college campuses and they are into their health and they take a pill from someone they trusted. More and mort case is, it’s laced with fentanyl. So the president is saying don’t start to begin with. For those who are in treatment and need assisted freet treatment, they need infacility treatment, those people will have the help they need. The Senate bill on health included getting rid of that waiver so you can treat more people, and it had $45 million for opioid funding and not a single Democrat will come forward. You have interdiction enforcement. You have got to get the fentanyl and heroin out of this place."

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