Sekulow: For All of this Trump-Russia Info, It’s Really a Hillary Clinton-Russian Scandal

‘We want to know how far along the FBI went’ working with Fusion GPS


PIRRO: "Welcome back to the special edition of “Hannity.” More bad news for Hillary Clinton this week involving another one of her scandals. The chairman of the house judiciary and oversight committee have announced that they are opening a new probe into how the FBI and doj handled the investigation into Clinton’s private server. Also this week, Judicial Watch, last year, the FBI recovered the 70,000 pages. 40,000 of which the State Department still has to process. Joining us now is the president of Judicial Watch, Jordan sekulow. All right, let me ask you. What is the latest information you’ve gotten from your subpoenas?"
FITTON: "We’ve been asking for these emails for years. They’ve been stonewalling this information. The deep state is running things with these Clinton emails. As you highlighted, there 17th 2,000 — 72,000 emails. We’ve only released a few of them. At the rate they are releasing, we won’t get all of them until 2020. On top of that, they’re 2800 pages of records or documents on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. That are also from the Clinton email server. Is it Russia information? What was being deleted by Hillary Clinton is a big mystery."
PIRRO: "My take is if we got 72,000 emails and the State Department asked for them at the time of Benghazi how many years ago? In 2012, it’s taken them this long? I have an idea. Let’s defund Mueller and his special counsel and use that money to get people to start releasing those State Department emails. Jordan, what say you about this?"
SEKULOW: "I’m encouraged that Congress is looking at this. With a new lens. A couple of different ways. One when it comes to the newly investigations with how the FBI handled this investigation — they never wanted to call it that. A “Matter,” I guess. Why they were giving updates about Hillary Clinton and ultimately made the call not to prosecute inside the Department of Justice would take no course of action and also Trey Gowdy, the oversight committee wants to bring James Comey back to testify. I think this is something we are working on — the FBI we know was part of — and the deal with Christopher Steele to continue the opposition research that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was paid for through Fusion GPS. We want to know how far along the FBI went. To get that information, that’s absurd. As you had said earlier in the broadcast, it takes everything. For the masking. The starting point for the special counsel. For all of this Trump-Russia info. It’s really a Hillary Clinton Russian scandal."

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