Tucker Grills David Tafuri: ‘Where Is Your Outrage’ Hillary Colluded with Russia on Trump Dossier?

‘We know that the Hillary campaign colluded with Russia and took information from Russia to affect the outcome of the campaign’

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CARLSON: "David Tafuri is a former State Department official during the Obama Administration and he joins us tonight. David, thank you. I’m glad you’re here. We’ve had many conversations about Russia over the past year, you and I. You’ve expressed outrage about collusion between the trump people and Russia. Now that we know that the Hillary campaign colluded with Russia and took information from Russia to affect the outcome of the campaign, are you outraged?"
TAFURI: "First of all I never expressed outrage that there was collusion I expressed outrage that Russia interfered in our election which all intelligence agencies agreed to and I said that needs to be investigated. And if there is collusion that’s a very serious crime."
CARLSON: "We know the Russians gave information through a couple of cutouts to the Hillary campaign and Democratic National Committee" 
TAFURI: "That’s not what happened. The news that we learned this week is that Hillary Clinton funded Fusion GPS. But we already knew that a Democratic ally had funded it. That came out in October 2006. If you look at the Mother Jones article which first published these allegations--"
CARLSON: "No, we the didn’t know it."
TAFURI: "It was clear a Democratic ally funded it did."
CARLSON: "You’re tracing the genesis of the story. I’m asking you a factual question about what happened. Russia gave information to steel the former head of the Russia desk at mi6 who gave it to fusion gps and then it flowed to the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC to influence the outcome of the election. Information from Russia was used to influence the outcome using Hillary as a conduit. I’m wondering where is your outrage?"
TAFURI: "That is not accurate."
CARLSON: "How is that inaccurate?
TAFURI: "Steel was hired to do opposition research and he talked to lots of people, not just Russians, people in Europe and the U.S. And found sources."

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