CNN’s Tapper: Trump Admin Ramps up Its Efforts to Turn the Spotlight Away from Russia Collusion

‘The investigation is not just about Russia and Trump; it’s also about the Trump team’


TAPPER: "Good afternoon, welcome to 'The Lead' I'm going to begin with our politics lead ramping up its efforts to turn the spotlight away from questions about itself and investigations into possible collusion with Russia or possible obstruction of justice and the firing of FBI director James Comey and to instead highlight matters pertaining to the previous president and the woman whom Mr. Trump defeated for the presidency, Hillary Clinton. President Trump today tweeting, it is now commonly agreed after many months of costly looking that there was no collusion between Russia and trump. Was collusion with hc, a couple of points there, that of course is not commonly agreed. It's still being investigated. Second, the investigation is not just about Russia and Trump; it's also about the Trump team, people like Paul Manafort and Carter Page and on and on. The White House has made it very clear they want all of you to look elsewhere."

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