Meyers: Let’s Look at How ‘Smart’ Trump Explains His Relationship with Chinese Pres.

‘I love when Trump says things like, ‘Some people call him king of China,’ which just gives away that’s what he used to call him’

MEYERS: "Later in the Fox interview, Trump got a chance to show off that ivy league education when talking about his relationship with China's president, who was just granted enormous new powers. So let's see our Ivy league-educated president talk about perhaps the most important bilateral relationship in the world... That's right. They have the best relationship of any president president. Incidentally president president sounds like how you describe someone in comparison to Trump. 'Sure, Trump is a president, but Obama was a president president.' Also, I love -- I love when Trump says things like, 'Some people call him king of China,' which just gives away that's what he used to call him. 'So I'm going to meet the king of China?' 'The president, sir.' 'Where's the king?' 'There is no king.' 'They killed the king?' "I should call the queen of China and give her one of my five-star condolence calls.'"

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