Hannity: Christopher Steele Paid Russians for Dirt on Trump Using Hillary-DNC Money

‘I call it the big boomerang’


HANNITY: "But we do know the Clintons paid for the dirt. Now, the talking point, if you watch any other network that's not number one like your show, the talking point is, 'Oh, but one Republican donor, they hired Fusion GPS.' That was only for typical, basic, simple oppo research. This didn’t include Christopher Steele. Christopher Steele is the main character in this play. He is a former MI6 agent and he is the one that actually paid Russians to come up with dirt on Donald Trump. It turns out to be Hillary Clinton DNC money and the dirt that they’re finding was hookers — sorry, guys at home, if you’re have kids — hookers in a Moscow Ritz-Carlton —"

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