Bob Corker on Trump: My Relation with the President Is Not Relevant

‘The way we feel about each other which is not particularly positive’


GEIST: "Did you speak to the president at the lunch? Have you spoken to him since you made your comments on Tuesday?"
CORKER: "So look, I sat in my same seat that I sit in every week at lunch. The president came into the room from another door and it was on the far side. I have not spoken to him. But look, I’m constantly in touch with Tillerson, with Pence, with Mnuchin who was just in my office recently on the tax issues. And to be honest, my relationship with the president is not relevant. I’m dealing with the principals who conduct foreign policy, and I hope more and more he’ll leave these issues to them. But Mnuchin, Gary Cohn from time to time — it's -- it's -- the way we feel about each other which is not particularly positive, is irrelevant to me carrying out the responsibilities that I have here. Totally irrelevant."

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