Chuck Todd: No Denying Republican Party Under Trump Is at War with Itself

‘What is this party fighting about exactly?’

TODD: "Folks, there is no denying that the Republican Party under President Trump is at war with itself. Former presidents like bush, former nominees like McCain and sitting senators like corker and flake have recently warned the party's current direction under this president is an existential threat to American values and American democracy. What is this party fighting about exactly? You might say the answer is easy. Fighting over Mr. Trump. What about him? Is the party fighting over what he wants or how he acts? If it's a fight over what he wants, why is the White House cheering corker and flake? Usually yes folks to advantage his agenda. Corker votes with the president 86%, flake, 96% of the time. This afternoon President Trump mocked flake but insisted that both flake and corker would end up getting onboard on taxes."

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