Hume: If Podesta Allegations Are True, Dems Who Have Been Complaining About Trump Collusion Will Be Disappointed

‘The Podesta group — these two guys, Tony and John, they lie at the heart of the Democratic Party and certainly of the Clintons’

HUME: "It does to change completely. It suggests that what collusion there have been was between Paul Manafort and the Podesta group on behalf of Russian interests. The Podesta group — these two guys, Tony and John, they lie at the heart of the democratic Party and certainly of the Clintons and their political endeavors. This changes the whole character and focus and it does raise also the question. You’re coming around to getting at this now, that’s remarkable on your part to have gotten this source to come and talk to you, how could it be that all these journalists working for other news organizations have been chasing the story, these many months, and never run across any of this? Remarkable indeed."

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