Buck Sexton: ‘Anybody with Access to the Internet Could Have Read About U.S. Operations in Niger’

‘When people begin to compare Benghazi to the ambush in Niger the only similarities are superficial’


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DUNFORD: "It’s shifting. I’m not sure I’m ready to say it’s shifting just to Africa. We’re dealing with a challenge that exists from west Africa to southeast Asia. We’ve seen manifestations of it in Europe, we've seen inspired attacks here in the United States. So we’re dealing with a global challenge."
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HEMMER: "And more to come too. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joseph Dunford, rather, opening up about U.S. operations in Africa. This after the terror assault that took the lives of four U.S. service members saying the mission there is all about being on offense and taking the fight to the terrorists. Former CIA officer Buck Sexton with me in studio. And good morning to you."
SEXTON: "Good to see you."
HEMMER: "Let’s talk specifically first about the attack in Niger, October 3rd. He answered a few questions yesterday. They are still piecing it together. What answers are we missing about that now, Buck?"
SEXTON: "Well there is still some tactical questions that are unanswered. How did they find themselves in this ambush? There had been some changes to the timeline. But quite honestly, from the public and Congress’s perspective I think those have been under less scrutiny than the overall mission, which is why are we there. Which is interesting because the why are we there has been established for a long time. It’s been out in the public. Anybody with access to the Internet could have read about U.S. operations in Niger and the broader mission set of U.S. special forces training indigenous forces so they can stand up and fight against Islamic extremists themselves instead of us having to send large deployment of troops when a country becomes a failed state. That’s been an established model for a long time, in fact, that is at the core of what S.F. of what U.S. special forces does."

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