Trump: The 30 Million Americans Who Own Small Business Will Get a 40 Percent Tax Cut

‘This will be the lowest rate in more than 80 years’


TRUMP: "So I would say now it's got to be close to 4 trillion or maybe above that number. We’ll find out soon because it's going to come back very, very rapidly. Under our plan more than 30 million Americans who own small businesses will get a 40 percent cut to the top marginal tax rate. This will be the lowest rate in more than 80 years. So this will be the lowest rate you have in more than 80 years. That's 1931 is the last time there was a rate this low. We’re going to massively reduce the corporate tax so that companies stay in America, move to America, and hire right here in America. In other words, they stay in America and they don’t fire their workers -- that's what we’re about. Our plan can be summarized in three simple words, jobs, jobs, jobs. The award-winning business leaders here today represent the best of America and our determination to succeed and to grow. Together we’re going to insure that more American citizens can unlock their potential, which they have tremendous potential, provide for their families and live out the American dream. Again, congratulations to all of the awardees. It’s a tremendous achievement, really a tremendous achievement. I have gait respect for you. And thank you. God bless you and God bless America. Thank you very much.”

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