Stavridis: We Have a President on Foreign Policy Who Injects Chaos

‘It seems President Trump has done everything he’s been capable of doing as a president to make that situation worse’


STAVRIDIS: "In terms of North Korea, what President Trump personally has done, and it ties back to that first segment on cyber bullying, it is going to do nothing but enflame the situation, make it worse. That doesn’t mean we have to sit down and have launch in the school yard with Kim Jong-un, but it means that we ought to be measured, we ought to be cool in our commentary, we got to let our actions speak, we shouldn’t descend to the personal. All of that is counter to taking and creating order out of chaos. We have a President on foreign policy who injects chaos into this system and then those around him try and restore order to it. That’s a really bad way to run foreign policy in general and it’s a very dangerous way to run foreign policy with North Korea."

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