Alma Adams: ‘Highly Inappropriate’ for Huckabee Sanders to Say No One Should Question John Kelly

‘She should know better’


ADAMS: "Well, I think it was highly inappropriate for her to say that. First of all, she should know better. Secondly, he is not above questioning. He is a -- he is a political servant. He is -- and I certainly appreciate all that he's done in the military. We honor that. We honor his family and all the families who have been affected by this recent attack in Niger. But he is not above questioning. He stood at the White House podium. I mean, that's what press secretaries do. He's not the press secretary, he is the chief of staff. That was not his responsibility to do it. And, of course, if he thought that it was and he was going to get out there and put himself out there and make that statement, then he should respond to the questions. You know, when you're a political figure you are responsible and should be responsive to the people."

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