Maddow Blames Trump Travel Ban for Niger Attack and Deaths of Green Berets

‘So the Trump Administration made their travel ban announcement September 24th, baffling everyone as to why Chad was included on that list’


MADDOW: "What started this week of lying on this fraught issue was the president still unexplained decision to not make public acknowledgement, public pronouncement about the deadliest combat incident of his presidency thus far, the loss of those special forces in an ambush attack carried out by Islamic groups, so far, no group claimed responsible. I reported up with of the reasons the president might be reluctant to talk about the prospect, it might be carried out to a group linked to ISIS T. President is interested if getting credit for eliminating ISIS. So that doesn’t fit well having to explain how an ISIS linked group may have claimed the loss of American lives. We reported the trump Administration recently, late last month enragened and bewilderred the government of the neighboring country of Chad. When it comes to the fight of Islamic militancy in that part of the world, where groups have held major cities and large swaths of territory, chunks of Mali, Nigeria, they claimed the ilammic state at one point, in that part of Africa the military from Chad has often been the lead and many experts see them as the most effective force when it comes to fighting it Islamic groups in that part of the world. Up with of the outward facing signs is so many of the multi-national task forces and military operations against militants in that region are head quartered in the nation of Chad. Chad, itself, does have some problems with Islamic militants carrying out attacks on their own territory. But their problem is nothing like they have to deal with in the nearby countries of Mali and Nigeria and Niger. Still, though, in all those countries, it has been troops and special forces from Chad who have been in the forefront of the front lean fighting. Even though they don’t have to deal with it as badly at home, they are very active in the region that fronts line fighting and efforts to retake territory from militant groups and boka haram an ISIS and others, despite that track record in Chad, despite that demonstrated and proven anti-terrorism and commitment from Chad the trump Administration reportedly ignored vehement protests from the U.S. Defense department and the U.S. State Department and at the end of last month inexplicably, they lied Chad on the new travel ban and really nobody knows why. The Associated Press reported yesterday, one of the reasons they might have put Chad on the list is Chad ran out of passport paper recently, therefore, they weren’t able to submit a fresh passport in time to avoid being put on the list because of something that 1250u7d. So the Trump Administration made their travel been announcement September 24th, baffling everyone, as to why Chad was included on that list. It prompted the government of clad to put out a statement expressing its quote incomprehension of the trump Administration decision. Many experts in the field, in fact all experts in the field joined the government of clad in expressing incomprehelping for what the Trump Administration did. The following week, Chad started removing all of its troops from neighboring Niger, where they had been deterring and fighting a off insurgent militant groups."

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