Dan Bongino: Trump Should Give Media the ‘Big Double-Barrelled Middle Finger’

‘The kings and queens of fake news in any way should just apologize’


BONGINO: "Now to shred these idiots with the media. One, they can plant their collective lips on America’s collective butt. No one is going to apologize because “The Washington Post” and the “New York Times.” The kings and queens of fake news in any way should just apologize. Apologize for what? We have a hack congresswoman down in Florida who thought for the purposes of political leverage she was going to manipulate the American public in believing a condolence call from President Trump that he didn’t have to do, Pete, now you served. You have lost friends. You know exactly what these calls mean to people. A call he did not have to make. I was a Secret Service agent in the White House when some of these letters were written and some of this stuff was done. And you leverage it and then you for political game and even worse, guys, then she turns around after John Kelly gives an absolutely heart breaking speech where everyone in America was listening their jaws drop. And she suggests he is a racist? Folks, we have to apologize according to the clowns at “The Washington Post”? You can kiss our butts. That is not going to happen. And I encourage president Trump to give them the big double-barrell middle finger and stand back up and say no, no, no, you don’t speak for America. You speak for the looney radical cookie left who has called everybody in America racist for three decades. That’s why have you no seats left in Congress or the Senate. Have you been wiped out everywhere."

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