CNN Panel Slams Sarah Sanders: The Suggestion ‘No One Can Question Gen. Kelly’ Is ‘Dangerous’

‘I mean, it’s frightening, it’s absurd’

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CHALIAN: “I’m a little confounded by Sarah Sanders’ answers today because she knows better than this. The White House, when she said that Kelly’s appearance should have been the end of the story, first of all, the White House doesn’t get to determine when stories end or begin or how they get covered. The that’s our job in the press. And she knows that. The second of all how can she possibly say with a straight face that General Kelly’s appearance in the briefing room should be the final word on this when those words we now know to be inaccurate. And when then the president of the United States tweeted last night an inaccurate tweet, once again about the Congresswoman. See it up there on your screen. Calling her whacky, saying the fake news is growing crazy with whacky Congresswoman Wilson who gave a total lie on content. See the time stamp? That was 10:53 p.m. That was well after John Kelly appeared. I don’t see how she could think logic defies it. The other thing that was concerning to me, Sarah Sanders seemed to suggest that because General Kelly served, whose service deserves our utmost respect and has it, he is now the White House chief of staff in a fully political position. And he chose to go make political arguments in the briefing room yesterday. She seemed almost suggesting, it was to Chip Reid, that he is beyond reproach and should not be questioned for his own words simply because he was a four-star general.”
KEILAR: “That definitely, the case. And Chip really got to the heart of the matter with his questioning of Sarah Sanders there. Nia, when you look at what you heard her saying that the conversation should have stopped when John Kelly said what he said, however he did go on to make this political argument that had factual errors in it. White House is standing — the Congresswoman expressing sentiments that might not have been on camera, which clearly you can’t argue with if there’s no evidence of it.” 
HENDERSON: “Right. I mean, this is — we’ve seen this from the White House before that there’s proof somewhere that proves their side right. That’s what the president initially said about Representative Wilson, that he had proof she was wrong. There is no proof that she was wrong. And we now know that the White House is essentially saying that what she said, her description of this was accurate. I mean the inaccurate descriptions have mostly come from the White House. John Kelly’s memory was inaccurate. It was incomplete. He basically twisted what happened there to make it seem like Representative Kelly was not dignified, that she wasn’t sufficiently respectful of those fallen agents, when, in fact, it was because of her actions that the building was named after those fallen agents. So, somehow, he misremembered that to really malign her and go after her in a way that I think was stunning. They keep saying, somehow, he was stunned that she got up there and talked partly about herself as partly about the process going through Congress. Well, she also said to those FBI agents to stand and gave them a round of applause. She also spent time talking about the memory of those fallen agents. Whereas, that stunning to Representative — to General Kelly? I also agree with David. This notion that somehow no one can question General Kelly because he is a military man. It’s dangerous. It’s frightening, absurd. Of course, no one is going to pay attention to that.” 

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