W.H. Dodges on How Trump Views Russia, as an Ally or an Adversary

‘That depends on Russia and what type of relationship they want to have’


REPORTER: "And I just want to follow up with a question. I’ve asked you a few times, most recently in July, it relates to our relationship with Russia, and I’ve never gotten an answer from you on that. Does the president, President Trump view Russia as an ally, a partner, or an adversary?"
HUCKABEE: "And as I’ve said before, I think a lot of that depends on Russia and what type of relationship they want to have. And whether or not they want to be a good actor or a bad actor. And we’re going to continue trying to work with them on certain things that are very important, particularly for national security, on things like Syria, on things like North Korea. We'd like to be able to work with them to confront some of the threats. And so some of that will be determined by the actions that Russia takes and how they want to be perceived. Matthew?"

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