Ed Henry to W.H.: Why Is Obama Golfing While He Has No ISIS Strategy?

‘Is he detached? Does he feel like the critics coming after him, it just doesn’t matter anymore?’

HENRY: “I asked you, just last week when he made a statement right after James Foley’s beheading and within minutes was on the golf course - is he detached? Does he feel like the critics coming after him, it just doesn’t matter anymore? Why is he still raising campaign money, playing golf, when he’s acknowledging he doesn’t have a strategy to deal with this?”
EARNEST: “Well, Ed, the job of any U.S. president is to be able to handle a lot of different responsibilities the same time. That’s why the president has a national security team in whom he has a lot of confidence. It is also why he works closely with his advisers on a range of issues to make sure that he is leading them in the right direction, that he is setting a vision for the future of this country. That’s what allows him to handle a lot of responsibilities at the same time. One of his responsibilities, as the head of the party, is to support democratic candidates who are on the ballot. And that’s why the president is also spending a little bit of time supporting their efforts. But the president, there’s no doubt -- everybody who has looked at the president`s schedule understands that he is devoting significant more time and energy to the more important responsibility that he has, to ensure the safety and security the American people.”

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