Tomi Lahren: NFL Doesn’t Need to Penalize Players for Kneeling; We Will Do So

‘We will react accordingly’


DOOCY: "Well we've talking about this. They had it yesterday; the NFL meeting with players and owners in New York has reached at least one conclusion. And the conclusion is, they will not force the players to stand for the national anthem, and they’re not going to penalize anybody who kneels for now." 
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GOODELL: "Today's discussion with our players were very productive and very important. ... The players and the owners came to an agreement that these aren’t really issues that are player issues or owner issues or committee issues, they are issues that affect all of us in our communities."
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KILMEADE: "In their view. This as owners and players gear up for a second round of talks today. Here to react Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren. Are you looking forward to what the NFL thinks is wrong with the American society, Tomi?" 
LAHREN: "Oh, you know, it's always a joy to see. But you know what? Here is the deal: They don’t need to penalize these players for kneeling, we will do so. And we have been. And it's going to continue. So they can continue to walk this line. We can see Goodell continue to be someone that is spineless and can’t even stand up for the organization and the best interest of the organization. That’s fine. They can do that. And we will react accordingly."

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