Katty Kay on Trump Making Fallen Soldiers About Himself: ‘He Wants To Be the Focus of Attention’

‘He cares about the need to be right’


KAY: "He cares about the need to be right. He is always right. He is never wrong. He needs the attention. He wants to be the focus of attention. He wants to be — there was a great piece in 'The Washington Post.' He wants to be in fight mode. But on this issue of fallen soldiers, it was interesting. I reached out to somebody, his father-in-law had served in the military, voted for Donald Trump and this was the issue that was turning him. He said, 'You cannot talk about fallen soldiers like this. You cannot bring politics into the lives of the families that have suffered this way.' And maybe in picking a fight with Barack Obama, picking a fight with the press over this particular incident, I’m skeptical to say it because there have been so many times, calling John McCain not the war hero, where we thought this will be it, this will be the moment where Donald Trump loses support, I don’t know, but this may be something that even his base finds difficult to swallow."

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