Marc Thiessen: Trump’s Tax Bill Won’t Work Unless Every Single American Gets a Tax Cut

‘President Bush was able to say every single American will get a tax cut’

THIESSEN: "That $4,000 figure is a little bit shaky for most of the economist I talked to, and part of the problem is we don’t have a tax bill yet. We don’t know what the rates will be for each individual group, so he can’t really go out there yet and say in a credible way, if you are making this amount of money, this is how much your tax bill will go down. If you are making this amount of money, — he’s got to learn --  if he’s going to pass that he’s got to make it real for ordinary Americans. The other problem he has to overcome in writing this bill is — during — the Bush tax debate, President Bush was able to say every single American will get a tax cut, and that’s not true yet of this bill. You would: Going out there saying if you are in the middle class some people might have a tax increase. It is not going to work, you have to get a tax bill that cuts taxes for every single American and no one can argue with that."

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