MSNBC Panel Slams New CNN Contributor Donte Stallworth

‘There have been players who got behind the wheels of cars drunk and killed people and were able to get a job in the National Football League’

MSNBC Panel Slams New CNN Contributor Donte Stallworth (The Washington Free Beacon)

An MSNBC panel on Monday slammed NFL players who continued to play after committing crimes such as drunk driving, implicating newly minted CNN contributor Donte Stallworth.

The panel on "Deadline: White House" was lambasting the NFL for the fact that no team has signed Colin Kaepernick, and they described cases where other football players were signed after actions such as drunk driving, of which Stallworth was guilty.

Stallworth went to prison for 30 days as part of a plea deal on his DUI manslaughter conviction in 2012 and later returned to the NFL, and last week he officially joined MSNBC's rival network CNN.

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