Gutfeld: ‘Coward’ Russell Brand ‘Racist’ for Questioning Riley’s Blackness

‘He is a coward — he should talk about what’s going on in his home and not in ours’

Greg Gutfeld: "Coward" Russell Brand A "Racist" For Questioning Jason Riley's Blackness (RealClearPolitics)

GREG GUTFELD: Can I make a point about this? When rhetoric gets extreme over racial issues, it is better to walk away and then be happy that from these consequences, a middle ground, which I think is happening. There are people from all sides who are agreeing and there might be solutions coming from some common sense where we start eliminating the extreme voices. 

You know it's bad when a left-wing commie scum named Russell Brand actually weighs in. He actually lectured [Wall Street Journal opinion writer] Jason Riley, who is black, on how to be black. He accused Jason Riley of betraying his racial roots because he asserted some conservative perspective about what was going on. He also said Jason Riley probably lives in a white neighborhood and went on to mock Jason Riley's white-sounding voice. 

The interesting thing is Brand went after me as well, but he didn't mention my race. He only mentioned Jason's race, which makes him a racist. Now, meanwhile while this is going on, while Russell Brand is lecturing the United States on bigotry, the deadliest form of bigotry, Radical Islam, is spewing from his homeland, but he's too much of a coward to focus on that and to say something like that because he dressed as Osama bin Laden on 9/11. He is a coward. He should talk about what's going on in his home and not in ours.

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