Geraldo: Trump ‘Does Not Get the Benefit of the Doubt for Anything’

‘Anything he does is construed in the most wicked, negative way possible’


GERALDO: "Believe me, I’m not suggesting it is his fault. I’m suggesting when you live in a divided household like mine and I suspect that we are common place all across-the-board. He does not get the benefit of the doubt for anything. Anything he does is construed in the most wicked, negative way possible and you know having just experienced abbey you mentioned my Puerto Rico trip, having seen how he was treated in Puerto Rico and then seeing press about how he was treated in Puerto Rico, it was almost an absolute 100% disconnect. I saw crowds that loved him. I saw crowds that were very excited about the fact that he was there. President Obama only visited Puerto Rico once in eight years and that was for a four hour million dollar fundraiser." 

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