Cooper: Trump’s ‘Bent on Reversing, Negating, Even Obliterating’ Obama’s Accomplishments

‘Today President Trump stroke a body blow to ObamaCare’

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COOPER: "Tonight something we simply have not seen before. Every president going back to the beginning comes into offense with his own ideas, never though have we seen a president so seemingly bent on rersing, negating his predecessor’s signature accomplishments. Today President Trump stroke a body blow to ObamaCare. The president has reversed or tried to rers President Obama’s actions on immigration, undaumtd immigrants, Paris climate accord, keeping the clean power plan. In all fairness none of this should be a surprise. He campaigned on much of it and if nothing else he’s keeping his promises now. What may be surprising, though, or being widely debated is how much of this is permanent. What also stands out in both actions today is how each one shifts responsibility and accountant from the White House and on to Congress and health care."

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