Schiffer: If You Attack Trump in Hollywood You Get Work, If You Attack Weinstein You’re Fired

‘If you attack Weinestein or people like him you lose work simple as that’

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[clip starts]
FONDA: “The predator in chief and his fake news, you know, their tactic is to divide and conquer. We refuse to be controlled by a sexist lying hypocritical bigot. I have a new idea for a new business model for trump, adult diapers, they could be called trumpers to help with all the leaks.”
[clip ends]
MacDONALD: “Eric comment on this what's your reaction?”
SCHIFFER: “ If you attack trump in Hollywood you get work. If you attack Weinestein or people like him you lose work simple as that.”
MacDONALD: “Patrice quickly?”
ONWUKA: “I think that's despicable and how ironic is it she's co- founder of a one's media outlet in D.C. And they're a place that's a safe space and she was someone who knew about these allegations and was hiding it? I just say so much hypocrisy there.”

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