Ed Gillespie: Ralph Northam Doesn’t Have a Plan to Make Health Care More Affordable in Virginia

‘What we need to do is enhance more insurance competition in Virginia’


GILLESPIE: "It’s a very big issue here, Dana. One of the things that is clear to me, in Virginia we cannot count on Washington, D.C., to solve our problems, we’ve got to have our own solutions here. I’ve put forward a plan, “Health and my commonwealth,” it’s one of my 19 detailed policy proposals to face the challenges we face here in Virginia to make health care more affordable. I am focusing on the state policies. My opponent doesn’t have a plan to do this. What we need to do is enhance more insurance competition in Virginia. I put forth a plan to allow us to have competition across state lines whether the federal government asked for acts or not, which would ban the cost curve. Also giving us the freedom to innovate in our Medicaid program in Virginia. What we need in Virginia is different from what people in Illinois or California or New York or Florida or Texas need. We can be a leader in this regard if we can work with the federal government to have that opportunity. I would also like to come up there my policies, which they would come and create increased competition in the provider market place as well and all those things would help bring down costs."

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