Charlie Dent: ‘I am Fearful’ Trump’s Order to End ObamaCare Subsidies ‘Will Destabilize’ the Insurance Markets

‘I am fearful that the president made this announcement this will destabilize insurance markets, raise premiums for folks’


BOLDUAN: "Joining now me to discuss, Republican Congressman Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania. Congressman, thanks for coming in." 
DENT: "Thank you, Kate, great to be with you." 
BOLDUAN: "All right, Phil laid out kind of the parameters of where we are, the president cancelling these payments. You raised concern about this before. What’s your reaction to his move today?" 
DENT: "Well, first cautionary reduction payments will need to be made. Impart of a group of members called the Problem Solvers Caucus, about 45 of us, and we put out legislation to stabilize the individual insurance market to ensure that the cautionary reduction payments are brought under the appropriations process to provide relief to employers through the employer mandate, that can only apply to companies over 500 employees, and 40 hour work, and we repeal the medical device tax. S we have a bipartisan plan that includes insuring these cautionary reduction payments. I'm -- I'm fearful now that the president has made this announcement this will destabilize the insurance markets, it will raise premiums for a lot of folks. In Pennsylvania I believe 57 percent of the people on the exchanges are receiving these cautionary reduction payments. So, that means their premiums will spike --"
BOLDUAN: "Yeah."
DENT: "-- there will be greater instability in the insurance market and there will be likely larger numbers of people who become uninsured." 

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