Coons on Iran Deal: What Trump’s Not Going To Do ‘Is Urge Us to Reapply Sanctions’

‘The Iran deal, is in the national security interests of the United States’

COONS: "Well, Chuck, what I think the president will be doing tomorrow is to send a message to Congress that he can no longer certify that the jcpoa, the Iran deal, is in the national security interests of the United States, but what she not going to do is to urge us to reapply sanctions on Iran's nuclear program, or to take action directly to blow up the deal or withdraw from the deal himself. So he's signaling his intense dislike for the deal, but taking no concrete steps to undermine it or to leave it. I'm gravely concerned that this step will be misunderstood by our adversaries and our allies that it will distance us from our European partners in the Iran agreement and that it will lead to some mischief in Congress as forces begin to pile on."

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