Rep. Ed Royce on Iran deal: ‘My Suggestion Is Enforce the Hell out of the Deal’

‘We have the Europeans cooperating with us at this point on the underlying deal, as flawed as it is’


TODD: "You have been quoted as essentially saying this -- as flawed as the deal is, I believe we must now enforce the hell out of it. Right? Your mind-set on the Iran deal."
ROYCE: "That's correct."
TODD: "Will that change tomorrow for you? No matter what the president says?"
ROYCE: "That's my observation on this. Because part of the focus that I've had on the committee and we had a hearing on this yesterday. We had legislation today. It's the wider, the wider challenge that we face, I was in the Middle East in August. Iran has a series of actions that they're taking. Now, this is outside of the deal, but it is destabilizing the entire region. It is a threat certainly to allies and friends that we have in the region, but ultimately thtinental missile system is a threat to the united States. And let's address the situation and meantime Europeans raised issue with us. They would like a longer time frame on the sunset. Something we also have a problem with. We can discuss these types of issues, but move specifically legislation as we did today that addresses that icbm program with bipartisan support. We brought Republicans and Democrats together unanimous vote, 44 votes and the committee to move that particular initiative forward, and I think that would accomplish the goal."

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