CNN’s Dana Bash Slams Hannity Over ‘Sad’ Partisan Hypocrisy: ‘Give Me a Break’

‘Both parties do it and Sean Hannity is in that lane of the Republican Party, he makes no bones about it, and it’s too bad’

CNN’s Dana Bash Slams Hannity Over ‘Sad’ Partisan Hypocrisy: ‘Give Me a Break’ (Mediaite)

CNN’s Dana Bash went after Sean Hannity today by saying that the Fox News host is an example of how political tribalism reveals how more and more people perceive issues according to their views.

John King began the segment by looking at how Hannity used to condemn Julian Assange and WikiLeaks before they helped Trump win the 2016 election. This is despite the fact that many officials in the U.S. intelligence committee are certain that WikiLeaks has connections to Russia and is not aligned with American interests.

Bash concluded that this was “classic politics” in the sense that people like Hannity look at issues through a partisan lens, which is “too bad.”

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