Trump: ‘Minorities Want Police Protection More than Anybody’

‘You look at some of the inner cities, it’s out of control’

TRUMP: "Minorities want police protection more than anybody. They need it more than anybody. What’s going on is crazy. You look at some of the inner cities, it’s out of control. I was saying things like what you have to lose? We will fix it. One of the things we’re doing very strongly now is the inner cities. Chicago is out of control. I don’t know what they are doing in Chicago to have this many shootings in this many killings and all of the different things going on. This is not like it’s the United States of America. Pure and simple, that’s bad management. Bad politics. It’s incredible. And then you talk to them, why are you doing stuff? They don’t even want to talk to you about it. It’s really insulting to our nation. Whether you take on the NFL or Chicago, some of our other cities, there should be murders like this. We have incredible police in this country. They could stop it. If they were allowed to do their jobs. Thank you."

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