CNN’s Tapper: Trump Doesn’t ‘Understand that the Biggest Purveyor of False News, Fake News, Is Him’

‘It just blows my mind that he thinks, like, well they shouldn’t be able to print this’

TAPPER: "Take a listen to president Trump this afternoon."
[clip starts]
TRUMP: "And it’s frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write."
[clip ends]
TAPPER: "Now, speaking of people who write whatever they want to right, I mean, President Trump was — he wrote something false on his Twitter feed today about the NFL and the reason why they’re not imposing — their stance on the national anthem. He doesn’t seem to understand that the biggest purveyor of false news, fake news, is him. And it just blows my mind that he thinks, like, well they shouldn’t be able to print this, but I can say and print whatever I want."
KATHERINE HAM: "Yeah, I think there are two parts here often one side doesn’t recognize the other. The president and the press can lose credibility and have credibility to give away and too often are giving it away on both sides. I don’t even mind the president as a media critic and taking some shots every now and then. Think many in America don’t mind that now and again. Sometimes we get things wrong and sometimes we don’t admit it. This is when you go too far. You can’t punish them and people can write whatever they want. That’s how this works."

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