Norquist: Schumer’s Lying that Taxes on Working Class Families Goes up Under Trump’s Plan

‘The game that Schumer is playing is he pretends there isn’t a zero rate’

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DOOCY: "President Trump is going to hit the road later today to talk tax reform, tax cuts in the state of Pennsylvania, despite massive opposition from the minority party."
[clip starts] 
SCHUMER: "So what the plan does is, the top rate on the wealthiest comes down and the bottom rate on working-class families goes up. What kind of plan is this?"
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KILMEADE: "Right. If that was the plan, perhaps it would be disturbing, but maybe it isn’t. So will Congress be able to get it done with Senator Schumer feeling like that?"
EARHARDT: "Here to weigh in is president of Americans for Tax Reform Grover Norquist. Grover, is he right? Is it going to go down for -- for the wealthiest and -- and higher for -- for the poorest?" 
NORQUIST: "No. This -- Schumer is lying. There are eight rates now. They are going to go down to four. The bottom rate is zero. The 10 percent rate goes down to zero. The 15 percent rate goes down to 12. All of the rates come down. So there will be 0, 12, 25, 35. Everybody who pays taxes sees lower rates. The game that Schumer is playing is he pretends there isn’t a zero rate. But there is. And it has expanded under the Trump Republican plan. It’s -- it's very dishonest and what it does tell is you Schumer is not going to play any role in working with the Republicans --"
DOOCY: "Right."
NORQUIST: "-- in Congress or the White House, to play any role in tax reform. I didn’t expect him to, but this kind of dishonesty explains that he is not even part of the discussion."

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