Native American Washington Redskins Fans Fight Back To Save Team Name

‘I feel proud to be a Redskin’

VIDEO: Native American Washington Redskins Fans Fight Back to Save Team Name (Tea Party News Network)

In reaction from white Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s proclamation that the team name of the Washington “Redskins” is suddenly considered racist after more than seven decades, the Washington Post  Editorial Board, Phil Sims and Tony Dungy have decided to ban the word from their vocabularies. Some Native Americans are speaking out in favor of keeping the Redskins name, claiming that it honors their heritage. 

In a new video released by Redskins Facts,  several Native Americans strongly object to those who are pushing to change the Redskin name. 

Megan Yellowhorse, of The Navajo Nation, said the Redskins logo “shows a strong warrior, and our ancestors have always taught us to be strong and be proud of who you are.”

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