Dana Loesch: ‘Utter Lie’ Gun Control Will Keep Americans Safe

‘Universal background checks and gun control failed in California’


LOESCH: " Well, that’s an utter lie. And thank you so much for having me. Your opening statement was a thousand percent correct. I think what you said in those remarks reflect lawfully what law abiding begun eveners think. For those who think further gun control is going to keep us safe. I challenge them to tell me how they plan to elicit cooperation from criminals with the laws that already exist. Universal background checks and gun control failed in California. Wherever gun kroils implemented, that’s where we see further loss of life. Whenever it is gun free, that’s when you see further loss of life. If anyone can couple with the idea to say how they can get criminals to cooperate, I’m tall for it. Let them make their case."

PIRRO: "We banned semiautomatic weapons for 10 years. Even the Clinton justice Department said it had no impact on the number of crimes or the number of murders that occurred. What is the ultimate goal of these people when they say we have got to have gun control and stop the NRA? The NRA, the GOP, people want to kill other innocent Americans. What is it all about?"
LOESCH: "That’s a great question. As for Hillary Clinton and her remarks. I’ll remind her many of her voters are members of the NRA. And there were NRA members also in a10 dance at that conference in Las Vegas. Hillary Clinton would do to well to quash her words on this, otherwise she’ll cause her party to lose more voters to president Trump in the next election. As far as their ultimate goal. You note so eloquently when you were discussing Chicago, they don’t seem to be concerned there. They weren’t concerned when felony begun crime prosecutions dropped drastically. Chicago is at the bottom of the list. When you look at the cities with the highest crimes they are at the bottom of the list for prosecutions for felony gun crimes. Fast and furious. They didn’t seem to minds that so much."

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