John Lewis: Obstructionist Republicans ‘Peddle the Lie that We Need More Guns to Stop the Violence’

‘I’m here to say this must stop and it must stop now’


LEWIS: "Hello. I'm Congressman John Lewis, and I represent the 5th District of Georgia. On Monday, our nation woke up to the news the worst mass shooting in our history. At least 58 people were killed. Over 500 were injured. All because an evil, disturbed man was able to get his hands on a dozen deadly weapons and turned them on a crowd of innocents. When I think of Las Vegas -- when I think of Newtown and Charleston, and Orlando and Aurora -- my heart breaks. Gun violence is a daily epidemic -- a daily drumbeat of tragedy in families and communities across America. Not always on the front pages, but always someone irreplaceable and beloved. Ninety Americans are killed every day. Every year, we lose more than 30,000 men, women and children to gun violence. What would it take for the Republican Congress to wake up? They hold moments of silence and vigils; they offer thoughts and prayers. But they do nothing. And when the media moves on, they peddle the lie that we need more guns to stop the violence, and they try to roll back protections that keep our community safe. I know -- I've been around. I've seen too many guns death, and I've seen too much Republican inaction and obstruction. And I'm here to say, this must stop and it must stop now."

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