Sen. Reed Concedes Ground Troops May Be Necessary, Just Not American Troops

Senator Reed said ground troops are needed in Iraq, but was careful to insist that they not be American troops

Key Democrat concedes ground troops in Iraq may be necessary (HotAir)

More proof that the post-Iraq War hangover, which had become a defining feature of the Democratic Party, is beginning to lift was evident on Sunday when one key Democratic Senator, Rhode Island’s Jack Reed, conceded that the reintroduction of U.S. ground forces into Iraq may eventually become necessary if the threat ISIS poses to the American interests grows.

In his appearance on CNN, Reed was very careful not to advocate for the use of U.S. troops in Iraq. In fact, he said on two occasions that the most effective use of American military power was a careful supplementation of Iraqi and Kurdish ground forces with U.S. air power.

Reed was clear that a “specific” threat to American interests, not a general threat of terror, would be necessary before officials considered escalating American involvement in Iraq. If that threat was real and urgent, he added, “then I think we have the obligation to go in and take out that threat.”

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