Michelle Obama in 2013 Praised Harvey Weinstein as a ‘Wonderful Human Being’

‘He is a wonderful human being, a good friend and just a powerhouse’

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MICHELLE OBAMA on November 8, 2013: “I want to start by thanking Harvey Weinstein for organizing this amazing day. (Applause) This is possible because of Harvey. He is a wonderful human being, a good friend and just a powerhouse. And the fact that he and his team took the time to make this happen for all of you should say something not about me or about this place, but about you. Everybody — we are here because of you. Whoopi Goldberg, Naomie Harris, Ryan Coogler, David Frankel, Blake Lively — all of us are here because of you. And of course, my dear friend Gayle King is here. We are here because of you. So let’s welcome everybody here.” (Applause)

(Via The Washington Free Beacon)

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