Susan Page: Obama Talks Tough, but Is ‘Allergic to Military Action’

Page added that the optics of Obama golfing after his James Foley statement were “jarring”

Susan Page: Obama Talks Tough, but ‘Allergic to Military Action’ (National Review Online)

Although President Obama offered forceful condemnation of the Islamic State following its recent beheading of American journalist James Foley, USA Today’s Susan Page was hesitant to expect action on the part of the administration.

“We’ve seen in the past President Obama, at times, has talked pretty tough but he’s been allergic to military action,” she said on Face the Nation. Foley’s death could serve as “a turning point,” she said, but it was difficult to know the president’s plans.

Page also took issue with the president’s decision to hit the golf course so soon after his comments about Foley’s death, saying “the White House could have showed a little more sensitivity” and calling the optics “a little jarring.”

“I thought, possibly, it would have been wise of the president to do something else in the period right after making that statement,” she added.

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